5 Reasons Why You Have ED

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Erectile dysfunction giving you trouble? These factors might be to blame:

1️⃣ Extra Pounds: Shedding weight boosts erections by leveling up testosterone and reducing estrogen from body fat.

2️⃣ Sunlight Shortage: Get your dose of sunlight for vitamin D, testosterone, and nitric oxide – all good for your bedroom performance.

3️⃣ Couch Potato Syndrome: Exercise improves blood flow and helps keep the ED at bay.

4️⃣ Sugar Overload: Excess sugar harms arteries and blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow and ED.

5️⃣ Fatty Fare: Lay off the burgers and fries – too many triglycerides can spoil your bedroom game.

Kick these out of your life for a better performance and prevent ED!

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