Dr. Laureen Lawlor-Smith – ‘Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction for Type 2 Diabetes Remission’

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Dr. Laureen Lawlor-Smith has been a doctor since 1982. She has owned and managed her own General Practices in Adelaide’s southern suburbs for much of her career. She is passionate about helping people change their lives and improve their health through lifestyle medicine.

Despite following and dispensing conventional medical advice around diet and exercise for 35 years as a general practitioner, Laureen found herself obese, with pre-diabetes, sleep apnoea, and filled with shame. After discovering the transformational benefits of a low carb lifestyle, she was able to reverse her health issues, lose weight and improve her overall health.

Discovering the low carb lifestyle has completely changed her life. Her experience led to Laureen leaving general practice and co-founding the Low Carb Keto Health Clinic where she helps patients lose weight and gain health. She has reconnected with why she became a doctor to start with and now absolutely loves her job again.

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19 responses to “Dr. Laureen Lawlor-Smith – ‘Therapeutic Carbohydrate Reduction for Type 2 Diabetes Remission’”

  1. Thank you. Clear and simple message.

    Gee I wish the message could spread throughout you profession. Sadly it seems that lots of doctors are exacerbating the problem rather than working to solve this growing epidemic.

  2. Excess carbs are stored on the body with 6 grams of water for every gram of carbs and low carb diets the water goes away and weight loss baby simple as it gets.

    • Excess carbs are stored as fat. Once you max out your blood capacity, you store carbs in muscles as glycogen. Yes. Those carbs require water for storage. But your blood and muscles, and your liver, temporarily, can only store so much. They cannot, by definition, store excess carbs. Excess carbs get stored as fat.

  3. All my adult life I struggled with obesity.
    I had high blood pressure, high triglycerides & cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, IBSD, joint pain, acid reflux, lower back pain, low-grade inflammation.
    I was taking 6 medications to get me through the day and was utterly miserable.
    Every year the dosage increased.
    Totally fed up I went low-carb in 2010.
    Within 10 months I had lost 85 lbs and ditched all my medication.
    I never gained any of the weight back.
    13 years later I am still doing keto and still taking no medication.

  4. Thank you, doctor. It is sad that you had to leave general practice to do more good, but that is the mad world in which we live. Take care and good luck.

  5. Interesting the food pyramid shown has sugar at the top. I wonder if we only ate very minimal sugar (as advised) but still other carbs (in a balanced diet) over the past 40 plus years would we still be as sick as we are now? Other carbs would not be as palatable without the sugar 🤷‍♀️🧐

  6. Hope heaps of the right people hear this message. What happens next? A revision of the food pyramid? or be put on the back burner because the big food manufacturing conglomerates will lose millions/billions?

  7. I viewed a recent video about the food pyramid in the U S. It was developed by the Department of Agriculture as a marketing tool .

  8. Thank you Dr Laureen, this was a fantastic talk.
    About a year or so ago, Dr Ken Berry said in one of his videos, if we could just get the name changed from “Type 2 Diabetes” to “Carbohydrate Intolerance Syndrome” our work would be so much easier by orders of magnitude. He wasn’t wrong.

  9. A low carb diet has saved my life. Hit with a stroke, then a quintuple heart bypass and then another stroke, I was expecting an early death, until I found this channel, Prof Robert Lustig and Dr Ken Berry. Thank you Low Carb Down Under, Robert Lustig and Ken Berry. At 64, minus 20kgs (73kg now), I now have hope that I will live into my 80’s.

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