How to Stay Mentally Strong as You Age

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Did you know that staying physically active not only strengthens your muscles but also your mind?

Let's keep those neurons firing and ward off dementia by hitting the gym. Your brain will thank you later!

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7 responses to “How to Stay Mentally Strong as You Age”

  1. A big component of strength is utilising a large portion of your muscle fiber, which requires good cognitive ability. Not disagreeing with the point, but the ascociation between strength and mental ability in the elderly, to me, seems like not good enough evidence to mention.

    Also, if you disable the push to subscribers when posting shorts they get better engagement(as it gets pushed to dead accounts who happen to be subscribed etc. while if its disabled it only gets pushed to people scrolling) You should test it out.

  2. I think I might train as a personal fitness trainer because I work nights as an HCA not much time for working out I don’t like day duty on a ward too many personalities about

  3. Really? What better motivation to exercise than to maintain one’s cognitive ability as we age? Yes, there are other ways to improve ones mental health as we age but I would place this reason in the top 3.

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