The Truth About Holiday Weight Gain & My Top Tips on How to AVOID It!

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00:00 Introduction
00:58 What I Used to Do
01:16 Holiday Pressure
01:43 Tip #1 – Fasting
03:04 Tip #2 – Protein
04:07 Tip #3 – Gut Health
04:51 Tip #4 – Hydration
06:33 Tip #5 – Restriction
07:05 Tip #6 – Overeating
07:48 Tip #7 – Don't Punish
08:47 Memories over Macros

26 responses to “The Truth About Holiday Weight Gain & My Top Tips on How to AVOID It!”

  1. Best tip ever Mira, my success since 2018 is because I never beat myself up. I alway allow for days when life happens so guilt is none existent😊

    If total restriction lead to failure maybe one should make allowances😉

  2. Hi Mayra, My mother always said, “Everything in moderation.” There was a lady named Dinah Shore who was an actress, singer, and talk show personality. She was a chart-topping singer in the 1940s. Anyhow her stance was “I can eat ANYTHING I want, as long as it’s in moderation. 😊

    • You rock girl, exactly right! I go heavy on the protein and a “dibble” of the bad stuff! Most bad stuff has an alternative though, that does satisfy! I have a very small, supportive family of 3 and I love that because it helps us all ❤
      Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving, Mayra 😊

    • @Shawn Sealey Homes, Inc. yes it is and a bad one at that.
      When you’re around a bunch of old people like I am and you see what “everything in moderation” has done to their health, you kinda get a different outlook on the situation.

  3. 🎉 I usually wait a week to see if my cravings are still there. Meanwhile, I research a healthy clean option. And go from there. That usually satisfies 😊🎉. You have so many video options that are small enough to satisfy but not large enough to binge ❤

  4. I’ve seriously been thinking of healthy options I’m bringing to gatherings so I can still snack and eat without over doing it on my favorites! Everything in moderation.

  5. Gracias Mayra! I try to have a balance when it come to holidays. I incorporate one dish that I love and create the rest of dishes with a low carb recipe. Intermittent fasting is the best thing to do! I love it and it is not hard. I do the 16:8 when I have a bigger will power every other day also and lazy 14:10 fasting every day for the past 6 months. I feel so good! Energetic and less inflammation. Combine with supplements and hydration with electrolytes is the best thing for the body and mind. Love it!

  6. Ive allowed myself dirty-keto and just plain enjoying during the holiday season. Noone guarantees that we will live to another holiday season so might as well savor the flavors of the season. ❤

  7. Thank You so much for this video! I am so excited and nervous because I’m making a lasagna for my meal for the holidays, and I am making it into an Individual portions. For the traditional meal, we are using small baking dishes for the sides (9×6 baking dish and Souper Cube Dishes). For our dessert, they will all be small individual portions in its own dish. We will probably have no leftovers, except for the turkey. I have always struggled with weight and eating proper portion sizes so I really think this will help me! Like You Mayra, I love the holidays, but I am petrified at the same time when it comes to food. I am determined this year to not overthink, enjoy and be present. Thank You!!!!!

  8. Hi Mayra, I’m of age and going through menopause now.. About 3 years ago I was going through perimenopause.. 😭 Weight has been the worst of this… I started keto back 3 years ago, I got down to 160-165, I was at 200 pounds.. I was also dealing with mental issues, and they thought I had bipolar, then I was tested for ADHD, and was diagnosed with that.. It’s all menopause related.. but was put on medication that kicked me out of ketosis, I asked my “Weightloss” doctor if I should start all over again getting back into detox etc… she said that it’s too late for that now…😡 But I continued to gain weight no matter what I do… I’m at a balance right now but weighing in at 185.00 😩😭 I think she’s wrong and she just wants to keep throwing medicine my way and I also was having issues with migraines from it too… I still think that maybe I should start detox again or should I say, keto detox.. What are your thoughts?? I’m sooooooo miserable I would like your help or thoughts in what to do…. I hate having this weight. I Thank you for your sincere thoughts and videos you have made to help others and you have given us such great advice that actually works and helps.. I Love your authentic heart! Thank you!! Blessings!♥️🙏

    • Sorry you’re going through this. Have you heard of the blood type diet by Dr D’Adamo? Look into it. There’s info here on YT.

  9. Mayra get video and the timing was perfect. I wrote lots of notes and now feel like I have the tools for enjoying the holidays. Please continue to drop these nuggets of tools to us🎉

  10. Girl I am so glad you made this video! I lost it when you said you don’t have to stuff your face until you feel sick😂 been there many a times lol. I will definitely implement longer fasts than normal so I can stay within my weight window during the holidays.

  11. Thank you so much for keepin it real 🙏🏻 I wish that I didn’t know what it’s like to deprive yourself~ but that’s the reality and you’re SO on target. Keep reminding people that it’s okay to be human. We’re not robots. Ok, I ate some cheesecake- refocus tomorrow morning. Great 👍🏻

  12. Thank you for that video. I am so dreading the holidays coming up and gaining weight. With your video you took a bit of my fear away. ❤

  13. Just a thank you for your videos and real talk – your videos helped me lose 55 pounds and maintain my weight loss, understand my relationship with food, and live a healthy lifestyle <3

  14. I’m definitely interested in more info/benefits of fasting!❤ Thank you for all your great advice and help!

  15. Thanks for your perspective on food on holidays and celebrations. I felt this way many years of my life. However, I realized I am addicted to sugar and processed foods. It is acknowledged in some medical circles now! Anyway, I find that if I have that holiday candy, dessert or bread and stuffing it triggers me for days. I don’t feel good physically. So now I enjoy the low carb foods instead. I don’t have to have that pumpkin pie to enjoy thanksgiving. I try to enjoy family and friends instead of focusing on the food. Its a struggle but I feel physically and mentally afterwards. Thanks again for sharing.

  16. I would love to hear about how you lost your baby weight after you had Nati. I know you say you lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for 15 year and Nati just turned 13, HAPPY BIRTHDAT NATI!! 🥳❤
    I would also love to hear if you ate anything and everything you wanted while you were pregnant. 😃❤

  17. I’m down 30lbs doing low carb and am 5lbs away from my first weight goal. With Thanksgiving next week I’ve had so much anxiety trying to figure out what to do. Your video was sooo helpful with lots of great tips. It’s helping me form a plan to stay on track. Thank you!

  18. Thank you for this. I definitely needed to hear this. I just started OMAD yesterday and I was dreading the Thanksgiving dinner. Even though this isn’t my first go around doing keto. I did keto for a while and I too lost exactly 100 lbs. I went from 250 at 5’2 to 150 and was soo proud of myself. Everyone was noticing and coming up to me asking how I managed to lose so much weight. But with me being at home and currently not working I have gained a total of 25lbs 😢.

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