How Many Walnuts Should You Eat a Day?

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Eat smart, stay healthy!

Walnuts are a powerhouse for your brain and heart, loaded with polyphenols, nutrients, fiber, protein, and those precious omega-3 fatty acids.

But don't go overboard – a handful of walnuts (7 to 14 nuts) is the sweet spot (150-180 calories).

Just be cautious of moldy ones – those webs, dots, and stains can lead to inflammation and other health issues. Keep 'em fresh by storing in a dry, airtight, and cool container. Nut up, but stay mold-free!

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6 responses to “How Many Walnuts Should You Eat a Day?”

  1. I pick and eat black walnuts. Black walnut trees are all over the place here in Michigan USA and they are ripe in September and October

  2. I was experimenting around with having freshly ground nuts in high quantities for my lunch at work together with salad. Around 3 times I’ve had like 60 to 70g of walnuts in one sitting; 2-3 hours later I perceived the people around me, more or less everyone, to be so beautiful and good-looking (even on zoom calls). Funny experience I should try again. Did anyone have similar experiences with walnuts?

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