Dangers of Vitamin D

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7 responses to “Dangers of Vitamin D”

    • Dose depends on your current levels. Get it checked. If they’re fine no need to supplement. There’s online resources that give estimates for every 1000 IU’s raises by X amount

    • ​@@jimg6970 it was 24 a year ago. My doctor said it was fine but I read alot and knew it was low. Started taking 5000-vit D and 100 Vit k. Now it’s 38 which is still too low. Will check in December. When I get the results will tell you.

  1. Need K2 along with Vit D3 to prevent hyperglycemia in the soft tissues and to shuttle the calcium into the bones where it belongs.

  2. It makes me wonder why the Vitamin D test is no longer part of standard blood work when I went for my annual wellness check in the US. I had to request it and pay out of pocket.

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