The Best Low Carb Ready to Eat Meals You Can Buy At Costco!

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00:00 Introduction
00:22 Ribs
01:48 Sausages
03:11 Hydration Break
04:06 Meatballs
05:03 Chicken Breast
05:34 Wings

25 responses to “The Best Low Carb Ready to Eat Meals You Can Buy At Costco!”

  1. I bought the wings after you mentioned them in a previous video. I can confirm they are tasty (I overcook mine a bit and eat them plain).

  2. We don’t have a Costco near us, we have a Sam’s club. My husband and I were thinking we need to get a membership when it’s time to renew. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing

  3. We found KEVIN’S meals at our Costco. The meat is high quality, grass fed and delish ❤ Hope you have it too. Yum 😋. So many different meals. I saw them, also, at some grocery stores and Walmart 😊 Good luck 👍

  4. Great video. I also like the Kevin’s meals, sous vide grass fed sirloin and Kirkland smoked pork shoulder.

  5. And there’s so many more things you can get at Costco that’s low carb as well! Nuts, and sweet treats. I like to have a low carb sweet treat on hand so when I’m having a craving I don’t give into the bad stuff. Almond flour tortillas, I love the wings that are in the pre-made section that Costco makes in the aluminum containers. They are bomb!

  6. Ahahaha I was the same with the pre-packed chicken. Every visit to Costco was like, I should get this, but is expensive. One day I decided to get it and have repurchased it like 3 times already. The convenience and versatility of use makes it up for the prices

  7. One Costco “ready to eat” quick tip I love is the 3 lb cooked chicken breast. I like to chop it and repackage I to 2 cup portions to freeze or use for casseroles or dinners through the week🥰

  8. The souls vide grassfed sliced sirloin is fantastic
    I eat these often and buy them two boxes at a time. I’m surprised you don’t have them in this video. (I looked at the time stamps so if you did mention them I apologize)

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