3 Healthiest Sweeteners With No Sugar

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14 responses to “3 Healthiest Sweeteners With No Sugar”

  1. I strongly disagree with the statement, “All Artificial Sweeteners are Healthier Than Sugar.”

    Artificial sweeteners are manmade and unrecognized by the body. We also process glucose for energy metabolism. The fact that the body can use glucose for energy is a sign that glucose in and of itself is not “bad.”

    It comes down to quality and quantity of sweetener. For example, raw, unfiltered, and unheated honey has a ton of health promoting compounds that can strengthen our immune system. Also, consuming the proper amounts of carbs leads to higher testosterone levels than carb restrictions.

    It’s always a matter of quantity when it comes to sugar being bad. Sure, you shouldn’t be consuming too much added sugar. However, naturally occurring sugar in fruits and honey shouldn’t be avoided.

    The issue typically lies in low activity levels (sedentary lifestyle).

    • “Artificial” isn’t the most accurate word here, as many of the substances are natural. “Zero-calorie” is the goal, since to get a noticeably sweet taste in something like soda it takes a lot of sugar

    • Being “manmade” is not really accurate, because sweeteners like erythritol are found naturally in fruit and some vegetables.

    • @@xBaphometHx That’s a half truth, In that yes, it is naturally found, but it’s not naturally found in crystalline form. And not in the quantities we use it as a sweetener.

      Thats why i opt for whole food based sweeteners like raw honey – thats a complete whole food sweetener. Dates are another great example.

    • @@Spaceman2484 I agree with your statement- but my comment is specifically on the statement that “all artificial sweeteners are healthier than sugar.”

      Truvia, splenda, and aspartame are definitely not healthier than sugar. And if you’re going to say “All Artificial Sweeteners,” that includes these as well.

    • @@TheOfficialBullyMaguire raw honey and dates have a lot of fructose, which is the main ingredient in regular sugar. Let’s imagine why diabetics can’t overconsume those things and you will find out why.

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