Dr. Alok Gupta – ‘Low Carb for Renal Patients: My Experience’

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Dr Alok Gupta is a nephrologist with over 12 years of experience in treating a wide range of both acute and chronic renal conditions. He looks after patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases, Renal Transplantation, Resistant Hypertension and provides Dialysis care. He has special interest in medical management of kidney stones.

Originally from New Dehli, India, Dr. Gupta received training in general medicine and advanced training in nephrology. He then went on to complete a two year clinical fellowship in nephrology in Toronto, Canada. Upon his arrival in Australia Dr. Gupta practised at Mildura Base Hospital in regional Victoria. In 2015, he was awarded his FRACP in Medicine and Nephrology by Royal Australasian College of Physicians. He has honorary appointments at Royal Melbourne Hospital and Monash Rural School of Medicine.

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11 responses to “Dr. Alok Gupta – ‘Low Carb for Renal Patients: My Experience’”

  1. Paul Salidino would absolutely wipe the floor with vegan YouTuber Earthling Ed in a debate on healthcare and food systems.

  2. I would have loved to know if any of your Stage 5 CKD patients ever experienced an increase in GFR, and if so, how long did that take and on average, how much?

  3. This was me too! I had normal blood sugars, high blood pressure and stage 3 CKD when I was first diagnosed 15 years ago. 2 1/2 years keto lifestyle and all my meds de-prescribed and kidney function is in the normal range
    Problem is my nephrologist is NOT curious what I did to make the change.

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