Don’t Get Tricked By Food Labels! Here’s How to Read Them The Right Way!

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00:00 Introduction
00:21 Make a Drink With Me!
02:12 Macro Tracking
02:41 How to Calculate Net Carbs
03:55 Why Serving Sizes are Important!
05:06 Calorie Intake
06:26 How to Find Total Carbs
08:13 Total Carbs Per Day
09:16 Why Net Carbs Are Important

27 responses to “Don’t Get Tricked By Food Labels! Here’s How to Read Them The Right Way!”

  1. Hi Mayra! 🎉
    Happy new year sister! Great video! 😊
    This was a very helpful video! Thanks again! 😊

  2. I’ve been doing low-carb since last year February 2023. Could you do a video on ingredients and things we should watch out for. Love your channel.❤❤❤

  3. I’ve been doing low carb for 3 months. My a1c went from 12 to 7. I got my blood work today! It’s amazing what changing your diet can do! I’m also down 25lbs! Thanks for the great information!❤️

  4. Hi Mayra, Happy New Year! Thank you for this great video. I’d like a video on ingredients, what ingredients to look out for & why.

  5. I found that once I stopped “labeling” my diet is when my weight loss success began. Keto is not sustainable for me. It’s too restrictive and (for me personally) always eventually lead to binging. I feel like a switch has flipped in my mind in the way I look at and think about food now. I eat only foods I truly enjoy now and my focus has switched to moderation. I am mindful of my carb intake but it’s no longer my main focus. It’s been life changing for me and after years of yo-yo dieting, I am now at my goal weight. Sorry for such a long post. I really enjoy all of your content. Thank you, God bless❤️

  6. Been doing keto but now, low carb. It’s totally reversed my Diabetes. Sometimes, keto is too restrictive. Low carb helps me when I feel this way. Both work for me with weight loss & reversing Diabetes.

  7. Myra id love to see a low carb shopping list of yours. Maybe with essentials and favorite treats. Thank you for your knowledge!

  8. I have type 2 diabetes and do 25 carbs per meal, so any low carb recipes is so appreciated. Last night I made your low carb chicken alfredo and it was amazing! Love your channel! ❤

  9. I too have lost 100+ lbs, GO US!
    Diagnosed with Diabetes 2, 2 yrs ago. A1C was 8.7 now 5.8.
    I do 100 total carbs daily. It works for me. Love your channel!

    • Congratulations those are amazing results. where I ask your daily intake of 100 total carbs does that include both processed and natural carbs?

  10. I have been doing Low Carb Lifestyle & weight lost since July 2021. I eat 365 Almond Flour Tortillas @ 170 calories for 2 servings, but I usually just do 1 per serving. I am gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. I’m doing Dr. Becky’s 0,1,2,3 No Exceptions Low-Carb plan @ 1200 calories per day. I started at 247 lbs & I’m at 165.6 now! My Dr & my goal is 150 lbs. I’m hoping I will get there b4 my birthday at the end of this month! It has taken the longest ever to reach my goal as I get stuck. The inches come off slowly. But the weight ioss has been taking forever

  11. Great video. Thanks much😊 this was very helpful! No, I don’t do Keto. I just try to eat healthier.❤

  12. I occasionally do Keto. Like right now, for the first 6 – 8 weeks of 2024 I am doing straight up Keto. But I don’t find it sustainable, so I will then switch over to Low Carb for the rest of the year with just the occasional Keto meal. Having lots of good recipes makes it easier to go Keto for a while, as does meal prepping. So, for that, I thank you Mayra!!

  13. I just recently started to focus on fiber intake and added suagrs when looking at labels. I’ve found some good options for tortillas and bread, but am having a hard time finding good options for pasta (penne, spaghetti, etc). Especially in these cold months, a warm pasta dish is 😋 What are some good ones?

  14. This was a really good reminder. I thought it was important to stay away ftom sugar alcohol. Ambitious wrong about that. I’m not in keto. I’ve been on a lower carb diet due to my A1c getting to 6.7, it’s now 5.9 and I’ve lost 20lbs over last 5 months. Your videos are as super helpful.

  15. Thx so much Myra!!! Im a pensioner and no longer working with the young girls who use to enspire me to eat healthy and i picked up so much weight, after following you i now once again have a friend to follow and i am doing well on my liw carb and sugar lifestyle. Our stores in SA does not have allulose but i compromise with what we have. Lots of love from me. Alvilene from South Africa❤

  16. This has been one of the most helpful videos you’ve done. Huge help. I’ve seen carbs with 28% and just chuck them back. Not realising I have to minus fibre etc. I’ve just started doing keto/low carb. My main aim, cut out as much refined sugar as I can. And junk carbs.

  17. I love the detail she goes into! Not being a nutritionist or doctor makes this even better, props Mayra!

  18. Ole extreme tortillas in spinach, tomato basil and plain are low carb, very low not no sugar and are labeled as Keto certified or Keto friendly. Love your videos.

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