Is Skipping Breakfast Bad for You

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4 responses to “Is Skipping Breakfast Bad for You”

  1. my childhood in the 80’s and everyone else i’ve seen in spain in the 80’s, we were malnutrition, almost like fasting, because we never ate a proper steak in the morning in the usa way. but only a glass of chocolated milk at 8:30, a croissant, donut or similar bakery sweet at 8:50 on the way to school and a sandwhich in french bread at 11:30 at the school playground.

    it wasn’t until 14:00 (or 13:30 or 14:30) that we ate for real.
    and then another sandwhich at 18:00 and then for real food at 21:00 but way smaller than the real food of 14:00

    so basically we were in what you call intermittent fasting, because those snacks of junk food were not energetic whatsoever so the truth is that we would spend all that energy at school playground from the food of yesterday at 14:00 and we would come back home from school actually hungry because it’s 24 hours since the last proper food intake. and the meat was twice a week or so, and like 100 grams serving only.

    now that i am taking 300 grams meat everyday. and spending in food for only me more than what my entire family of 4 was eating in the 80’s i understand why americans are bigger and stronger.
    in the 80’s here was the equivalent of nowadays spending 100€/month in food supply.

  2. I found to be more useful to skip dinner. Specially to improve sleep quality. But skipping breakfast is definitely way easier.

  3. Break-fast = first meal of the day, regardless the time. Is the quality of the food you decide to break your fast that makes all the difference. I normally have my “breakfast” around noon and is high animal protein.

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