#1 Type of Exercise for Longevity

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33 responses to “#1 Type of Exercise for Longevity”

  1. My wife and I have Kaatsu bands. We alternate it with normal weights. Great, as it also helps with capillary proliferation, key as you get older, as without good blood-flow, it is harder to grow muscle.. Also helps even if you are doing household chores or just walking!

  2. Interesting concept. I am generally skeptical of non-natural techniques for improved strength, believing that if there was a more effective way to build muscle evolution would have provided it, e.g., some sort of automatic biological function whereby blood flow to specific muscle groups is reduced to more quickly increase strength. I might be inclined to await greater evidence that no longer-term downside exist.

  3. Backbridge push ups, follwed by walking lunges till you burn.
    And if you can pivot in and out of the backbridge quickly that would be great…. 🦵🤸🏋️

  4. It puts less load on the joints, but joints also get strengthened by resistance training, which is important. The main reason steroids increase injury risk is that the muscle gets stronger much faster than joints. Why wouldn’t this method of training have the same issue? It’s not a big issue for non-athletes, but shouldn’t athletes be concerned about this?

    • It does promote bone density as well. The increased perceived cell swelling and blood accumulation literally mimics heavy loads

    • It’s an advantage that it metabolically stimulates muscleore than the bone. Most of ‘real world’s training is efficient in the sense that muscles don’t have to do much, while bones take the brunt of the forces. It makes sense from an evolution energy in – energy out point of view.
      What smart bodybuilders and orthopedic patients instead try, is to stimulate the muscle without overworking the joints. BFR works wonderfully for the purpose.

  5. Why not just do yielding isometrics for long periods? The constant muscle contraction does the BFR without equipment…

    • It literally just causes a cell swelling response and mechanical tenstion similar to regular weightlifting. Just through a different method. The body doesnt know which it is

  6. You can build muscle with lower weights without bfr bands. To be honest, this looks like yet another fad in the long list of fads,

  7. Can you expand on the regular use of the ktsu bands? Would one keep them on all day or just around workout time?

    What are the recommendations for wlderly ateophied (sarcopenia) ?

  8. Love BFR bc I can do it anytime anywhere, I do it in car bc I can use a light dumbbell & more reps for example, thanks for this video!💪🙌

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