The Longevity Trifecta – MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant Hormones in the Body

Time To Stop Struggling With Keto! You Can Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Keep Mental Clarity & Energy & Stay In A Fat Destroying State Of Ketosis, Even On Cheat Days!

Introducing elixcel The easy 2 per day capsule designed to keep you in fat-burning ketosis even when you cheat. 


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28 responses to “The Longevity Trifecta – MOST POWERFUL Antioxidant Hormones in the Body”

    • Siim is aging right along with the rest of us and will probably croak on a similar timeline as his ancestors did.

  1. Vitamin D the sunlight hormone and vitamin melatonin as the night time hormone with sulfur NAC as the liver glutathione detoxification super longevity factor along with Taurine and Tryptophan and
    in the morning
    Eggs plus Desiccated Liver capsules + Acetyl L Carnitine

    • Be particularly careful about his recommendation of Bon Charge products. It’s not a bad company. They have some good products. But of the top red light companies, they have some of the most mediocre products. They haven’t kept up with scientific research and technological development. His affiliating with this company makes me think that either he is just concerned about making money or he doesn’t have good knowledge about red light products. In either case, that is problematic. Buyer beware!

  2. I’ve worked outside my whole life and ate terribly, I should have some atherosclerosis calcium but I have 0 in 2 consecutive CAC scored separated by 5 years. I believe it’s because I’ve worked outside and love to exercise in addition to quitting drinking at an early age but sunlight is key.

    • @@mikepaquette1245 58 years young and during my life my weight has fluctuated as much as 60 lb. The 2 CAC scores were done at 52 years young and 57 years young both 0. The last 6 years I’ve been low carb OMAD plus fasting still working out, working on my ranch in the summer and snowbird in the winter. My family has a history of heart disease: my younger brother has a CAC over 500 while my father had a triple bypass surgery at 70. We all ate terribly but as far as I can tell I did 3 things different:
      1) worked outside my whole life- they worked in an office
      2) I’ve exercised my whole life weather thin or fat- they did not
      3) I quit drinking in my early 20’s- they are life long social drinkers

    • Vitamin D is needed, but UVA/UVB causes accelerated aging. If one desired to look youthful forever, daily sunscreen is a must.

    • @@campersruincod6134 disagree respectfully, I’ve supplemented and I woke up with swollen hands, I get vitamin D activation by my eyes outside in winter. Now that I snowbird I sit out every day and have a nice base tan. Being outside is paramount, it maybe your high inflammatory oil intake couple with carb/sugar that has weakened you skin over time, all the sunblock today have more poisonous chemicals your skin absorbs.

    • @@campersruincod6134

      Have u read the sunscreen labels and what it actually does for you !!! ?

      I would not use commercial sunscreen, only coconut/olive oil or animal fats for me 😉, but mainly regular annual exposure to acclimatise 😉

  3. When would you recommend using InfraRed Lamps to benefit Melatonin, at sunrise, sunset or both?

  4. What do you think about MSM and it’s benefits for skin and liver health along with glutathione levels. For me who don’t take GlyNAC yet, it might be a good supplement.

    • I have been using topical MSM, and my fingernails r growing. So I’m going 2 try it to my thinning scalp.

    • Brother you’re doing too much 💀

      I think you meant to say 5 mg. And yes, anywhere from 0.5 mg even up to 10 mg works and can be ok. There haven’t been really any negative side effects recorded other than at extremely high doses like 70 mg it can potentially affect sperm and fertility.

  5. Very interesting Siim! I totally agree. What’s your view on Epitalon since it affects this? Would you consider it?

  6. Sunshine. Yeah. I live in England now. There is a reason all the blue zones are where the sun shines. Lived in the tropics for eight years. Came back to the uk and realised how ill everyone looks. Can’t wait to leave.

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