Crispy Chicken Nuggets with 3 Ingredients?! Low Carb, Gluten Free Airfryer Recipe

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00:00 Introduction
00:48 Ingredients
01:28 Making Chicken Nuggets
02:53 Forming Nuggets
03:44 Airfrying
03:57 Probiotic Break
05:23 Final Reveal
06:12 Taste Test

31 responses to “Crispy Chicken Nuggets with 3 Ingredients?! Low Carb, Gluten Free Airfryer Recipe”

  1. Another great recipe. I have 3 lbds of ground chicken in the freezer that I was trying to figure out what to do with. 😊 Thanks Mayra

  2. I am diabetic and trying to lose weight. This was so perfect and of course I love chicken nuggets.!!💕

  3. These look amazing! I always have ground chicken in the freezer. I just have to get some parmesan cheese. Have you tried these with any other shredded cheese?
    Thanks for showing us how to make these!🥰

  4. I luv nuggies and they look really good. Is it possible to also use 85/15 ground turkey if I want to switch it up? Or maybe a combo of both?

  5. Yum yum😊 always something tasty. You give me a lot of inspiration for my recipes. Thanks for another great video!
    I especially love the air fryer because it’s just so much easier and less mess!

  6. Can you freeze these ahead of time and pull them out as needed with it still be crispy when you go to cook them in the air fryer? 4:12 4:17 4:20 4:23

  7. Found your channel a little over a year ago after I was hospitalized with diabetic keto acidosis when I didn’t even know I was diabetic. You made it so easy to still have enjoyable meals while staying on track. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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