#1 Selling Drug in the World: 27 Billion Dollars

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Find out about the number 1 selling drug in the world, projected to generate over 27 billion dollars by the end of 2024!

0:00 Introduction: The number 1 selling drug in the world
0:35 Cancer drugs
1:09 What is Keytruda?
1:56 Immunomodulators and their side effects
3:12 Natural immunomodulators

In this video, we’re going to talk about the best-selling drug in the world: Keytruda.

Keytruda helps your immune system find and kill cancer cells. Keytruda is also used for autoimmune diseases and certain infections. Unlike chemotherapy, Keytruda helps kill cancer cells without killing your immune system.

Keytruda works through immunomodulation. Immunomodulators increase, decrease, or block your immune system.

Immunomodulator drugs have many side effects and don’t work on all types of cancer. Some cancers can become resistant to immunotherapy and stronger with treatment, a phenomenon similar to antibiotic resistance. Immunomodulator drugs don’t target the fuel for cancer or the raw materials necessary to build cancer cells.

There are many natural immunomodulators. In fact, drug companies use research on plant chemicals to develop over 50% of medications.

The following are natural immunomodulators:
• Astragalus
• Reishi mushrooms and other types of mushrooms
• Vitamin D

Dietary changes are also important. You need to eliminate foods that fuel cancer cells.

Fasting is the most powerful tool to starve off cancer. It’s also important to believe that you will overcome cancer. Mindset matters!

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Dr. Berg, age 59, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book "The Healthy Keto Plan" and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this increases your awareness about the number 1 selling drug in the world. I’ll see you in the next video.

72 responses to “#1 Selling Drug in the World: 27 Billion Dollars”

  1. What’s crazy is they never start with Keytruda. It’s always when the cancer metastasized. ~Medical professional

    • There’s probably LOTS Dr’s can offer but they don’t! They take us down long pointless damaging paths first.

    • Great observation and one I’m stumped with too. Once they decimate your immune system with chemo, steroids and antibiotics this treatment really has no chance to work. If one was allowed time to let their microbiome to recover first, then this treatment may be effective. Sadly though, what oncologist is going do that? Only about 20 to 30% properly respond to immunotherapy. For what it’s worth, Lactobacillus and akkermansia- municiphilia bacteria in your system appear to greatly enhance immunotherapy. Yogurt and pomegranates may save a life or two, how silly is that?

  2. My late friend spend so much in cancer targeted treatments and in the end lost his life within 6 months.I am still fuming mad over such treatment.

  3. Dr Berg is my No 1 drug.
    Side effects = sore eyes from watching too many of his videos 😮

  4. Dr. Berg you are the cream of the crop when it comes to informing the people. Whether it’s good or bad. My brother passed away with colorectal cancer in 2019. He fought a long hard battle. But in the end cancer won but he is in heaven where there is no more pain or disease. God bless every one and stay safe & aware. ❤

  5. 💥🔥💥 CANCER Prevention Foods :
    Tulasi Leaf
    Turmeric Organic
    Grapes Black with Seed
    Green Tea without Milk
    Dark Chocolate

    • Avoid all processed foods and GMO Soy and processed meats therefore avoid ALL grocery stores!! Learn how to extra clean your drinking water and grow your own foods without hormones, pesticides and vaccine injections!! Stay vaccine free! Humans do not need vaccines at all…we have God given immune systems not cancer cells!! Remember that OLD saying…YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!! You are also what you allow those thugs (including doctors) do to you!! We are not experiments meant to make them rich we are God’s children and people had better start remembering or learning this!! Feed your spirit protect your soul!! God bless!! And DMSO should be on your list!

  6. I was an office manager for a pharmaceutical distributor. We distributed medications to doctors from workmens comp doctors and did the billing for the doctors’ offices to get paid. The doctors would get paid for each prescription they wrote for various medications. We had doctors making $450k and up ong just the prescription they wrote. We had some doctors write the same package of prescription no matter what the patient came in for. The profession of healers is long since passed. They are taught what to prescribe to help the symptoms not fix the root cause of the problem. 😢

    • Doctors and nurses have been indoctrinated to rely on criminal pharma not save lives for MANY decades now!! I know, I went to med school for many years back in the 80s only to learn that writing scripts and injecting vaccines are always the answer. They NEVER discuss your diet anymore just want to know if you drink alcohol, take street drugs etc so they have something to blame otherwise it’s the old lie that we all have cancer cells in us which is not true just an excuse!! Take care. Once the food, pharma and water industry supply your body with these manmade cancer cells, stress and poor diet help these cells to multiply continuing the ongoing genocide on behalf of the elitist run united nations!! Look into UN Agendas 2021 and 2030!!

    • Sometimes they invent a problem and prescribe medicine for it.
      You can complain , but nothing will happen

  7. Wow and Ozempic comes second in that list, no wonder. We know what’s all about as the main culprits are the toxic ingredients from crappy foods and constant exposure to what could potentially cause such health problems. Thanks for your helpful advice, Dr Berg 👍🏻

  8. I met a man at a hotel in Nashville in 2022 who worked for moderna. He was a part of the mrna & had his 7 year old daughter jabbed. He was working on a “promising” cancer cure that targeted peoples genes. It was very individual. Very expensive. I think it was monoclonal antibodies but im not sure. I dont think he knew his cv jab caused the cancer they were studying & he called me a conspiracy theorist when i was appalled he gave his 7 year old a cv jab. Oh well!

    • I had a cardiac arrest in 2021 due to a thrombosis one month after the second Biontech Pfizer jab 😉 I had to get a pacemaker.
      I was 31 yo and always did sports and weighed normal at 80kg.
      No way it was due to something else than the jab 😉 Greetings from Germany

    • When someone uses “conspiracy theorist”, they have no ammunition – attempting to dismiss an opinion for no reason, without evidence – as the C_IA did in 1964 to try to discredit the many criticisms of the deeply flawed Warren Report. We know how that turned out. So many conspiracy theories have turned out to be true. Stupid to use the term.

    • @@whoknows8223, a friend of mine, also hier in Germany, had a heart attack ( Herzinfarkt) last summer after taking 3 BioNTech jabs. Sei gesund und alles Gute!

  9. My mom passed from metastatic breast cancer but she was not a typical cancer patient she refused chemo and took a natural approach lived a extra 6 years after diagnosis the 3rd time lived with and fought a good fight with breast cancer for 20 years ..

  10. My husband had colon cancer and had chemo until his potassium dropped to nothing and he had to get potassium instead of chemo. Meanwhile he got his tastes back and refused to go back for chem. He had begun to have “chemo brain” and started driving the car toward the right and then jerking it back to the left over and over again! I’m so glad he stopped the treatment as everyone else that started when he did had died! He is cancer free for 17 years!

    • @@ketokarbs3671 Could have; but I just thought he did okay because he didn’t finish all the treatments that everyone else had!

    • What cured / killed the cancer? My friend has colon cancer, they killed it removed it, but before they killed it spread to his liver. Secondary colon cancer in liver now. Major chemo now and we’re are trying for liver transplant. But the Drs at MD Anderson have become inattentive. The cancer was stage three in the colon, no metastasis, took out colon cancer, but they waited too long to do it, so it spread, stage four to his liver. I don’t know where I’m going with this text, I’m hoping you will share the reason why your husband’s cancer disappeared.

  11. Mindset is everything. I know this from experience when my father got skin cancer on his mouth and had to have reconstructive surgery. He got cancer at 45 and he died at 82 but not from cancer.. just old age.. he did have some health issues from the surgery but he never gave up and I know it made a difference. He had radiation for his treatment.
    My daughter-in-law’s grandmother also had breast cancer and she said when they told her she said okay and she did her treatment years ago and she is fine… She is 86 years old. Mindset is everything!

  12. My mother successfully beat Uterine Cancer that had spread into neighbouring organs.
    She was given less than a year if she refused surgery and Chemo, which she did.😂
    She was very overweight and had 3 types of Arthritis (moved slowly with a walker), no gall bladder, Estrogen dominant and thyroid issues.
    She used the mushroom treatment but it took over a year before all traces of Cancer were gone.
    She died 20 years later of a Stroke.❤

    • @@socratese5 It was a combo of 3 powdered mushrooms (Reishi was one) and eating 3 or 4 different types of fresh mushrooms but sorry, I do not know specifics. I do know she was taking other suppliments but other than some kind of green powder stuff I don’t know what they were.
      My mom researched all this on her own because everytime she had health complaints, her Doctors always said it was because she was obese. My mom hated Doctors because of that.
      That is also why the Cancer was so advanced before they finally did the tests and discovered it.
      My mom and I did not spend a lot of time chatting about these things.
      I only commented to give people hope and let people know that it was possible.❤️

    • Could you please tell me – What is The Mushroom Treatment – also do you know of videos on thid topic – Thank you

  13. Dr. Berg, i almost died from toxic meds in 2022😢. My own mama died from toxic meds😢. God rest her soul😢😢😢. Doctors are puting profits before patients health😢. It’s so sad😢 and so true😢.

    • Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical industry owns all medical schools (and has owned them since 1910) and is in charge of the curriculum…pushing, you guessed it, pharmaceuticals and badmouthing natural remedies that actually work and cure someone. Because a patient cured is a customer lost!

  14. I don’t trust doctors anymore.
    That’s why i subscribed to you channel and love to watch it.
    I am pretty healthy but i need to be ready if something happens and be sceptical about any prescription.

  15. I’m 5 1/2 years Cancer free. Before my surgery the Doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in BOSTON MA told me I had to lose at least 60lbs or no surgery. Iwent full Keto and in 4 1/2 months lost 94lbs, that sounds like a lot. But I believe it was the KETO and the anxiety of the Cancer diagnosis that sped my weight loss…Anyway I have since maintained my weight, quit all the sugar. AND SO FAR SO GOOD…PEACE OUT

  16. My brother got Keytruda. And it cause sore and psoriatic arthritis which was very very painful. I took him to hospital and his cancer grew so much in 2 weeks he was gone! You are in charge of your body, I refuse drugs and want them to find the problem!!

  17. Hello, my husband as stage 4 lung cancer, Discovered November 2022. Had a tumer in his head, removed it and did radiation to the brain and the lungs. Then started the treatments with Keytruda. Now to this date last scan in Feb. brain looks good and biggest place in the lungs turn gray looking dead. Treatments where every 3 weeks, now every 6 weeks double the dose. He gets blood work done each visit I check that see how all going. This week it was all looking good. They charge $30,000 + a treatment and with insurance we still owe around $2000 each time. I don’t know how much more we can afford. My payments this week moved up to $577 month. I cut my grocery budget $25 a week and a + $150 once a month stock up. Then I caught him smoking again. I was so mad so hurt. I’m working trying keep thing going, the greedy out rages charges and then he goes put gas on the fire. The treatment working but not if he keeps adding the gas to it. I make him take omega 3 oil, turkey tail, D3, and more. Sorry to rant. Thank you, DR., for this video..

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