LONGEVITY: When Being “Healthy” Isn’t Actually Healthy

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01:20 Normal vs Optimal
02:55 Centenarian Bloodwork
04:53 Triglycerides Normal vs Optimal
06:28 Bon Charge Infrared Sauna Blanket
07:40 Inflammation Normal vs Optimal
09:38 Summary

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15 responses to “LONGEVITY: When Being “Healthy” Isn’t Actually Healthy”

  1. then why does old people have 35 to 45 HR and babies are over 100? To me it makes sense that you want to be like a baby then an over 80 year old .. Just was thinking

    • Resting heart rate is also in the 40s when you are in your adolescent years. But you also have high HRV. So, low resting heart rate together with high HRV is the key

  2. Previous time I commented about the question of whether to calculate RHR during sleep or resting state during the day, and you said yours is in 40s both at night and day – is that common? Because my RHR during sleep is mid 40s, but when sitting during the day it’s always above 60. So it’s unclear what to make of this.

    Also, it’s really annoying that Apple Watch uses a different HRV unit than the most common one.

    • I think you need to be sitting quietly for a few minutes to establish the resting heart rate. Also, if you had caffeine in the day that would increase the number

  3. are the materials of this sauna blanket safe enough for our health ? i mean the heat is very high and the body is sweating but at the same time absorbing

  4. I think you mixing research between CRP and hsCRP. hsCRP is higher than CRP. When it comes to below 0.2 i looks like they was testing regular CRP

  5. I’m so bored of this dogmatic and unfounded assumption that the “average” person is overweight, sedentary and eats chunk food every day, which is the premise of every health YouTube video..

    • That’s not what he said. He said that normal people who aren’t overly fat and do some exercise, and think they are doing well, are actually still fucked lol.

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