Muscle Isn’t Good for Longevity If You Commit These Mistakes

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00:32 Muscle and Longevity
02:28 Strength vs Muscle Mass
03:55 Weight Gain
06:29 My Protein Shake
07:44 Muscle vs Cardio
10:33 Summary

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28 responses to “Muscle Isn’t Good for Longevity If You Commit These Mistakes”

    • I’m sorry but when I heard you talk about how your stuff comes from the Swiss Alps. I had to just laugh. I’m not discounting what you said but it was funny.

      George Davis

  1. SIIM good video but you missed the most important thing which happened long before sarcopenia and dynapenia. And it happens to every single person in the world. It is the main reason why people get sarcopenia and dynapenia.

    The sad thing is that not one longevity scientist or influencer knows about it or they would be talking about it. It has a systemic effect on your bodily organs but it mostly destroys your muscles first.

    I guess I have to make a video on this to show that neither cardio nor resistance training matters in the grand scheme of things unless you train these first. No, it is not fast twitch fibers

    • @@LVArturs It’s not fascia, although fascia is one of the things I train daily. This is another thing that no longevity channel or scientist talks about.

      Not bragging, but this is why I am 60 and move and exercise like someone much younger. I am publishing my video in a couple of days.

    • @@LVArturs – Fascia is extremely important in a quantum biology understanding. Aging, in many ways, is loss of effective communication of info in the body. And that is what fascia helps to accomplish. Otherwise, the body falls into information chaos that exhibits partly as inflammation but also disrupts every system in the body.

  2. However, the big however, is that most men prefer to be jacked, even to the risk of living till 85 or 90, instead of being slim and insignificant and living till 100

    • Maaan. I hope men don’t actually feel that way too often. Imagine just dying sooner because of raw unbridled insecurity.

  3. It’s not so much a gradual loss of muscle as some kind of accident that makes a person bed bound for some time, where they rapidly lose muscle and never gain it back

  4. There is a more practical and effective way to think abou this. The longevity effect is about functional strength, functional movement, functional flexibility, and functional balance. That is to say it’s remaining physically functional for as long as possible so as to maintain general health and prevent dysfunction, immobility, and injuries. Building muscles is merely one aspect, however important. More important, one wants to build strength at every length and in every position.

  5. Hi Siim! Always very nice to see your videos. Thank you. Are you still looking for people who want to lower biological age? I live in a very polluted city and I know there’s a lot we can do to still achieve longevity.

  6. So good to see you back with regular content Simland. Hope all is well for you and loved ones old young friend.

  7. I am definitely planning to get back to doing some cardio regularly, but building strength is also my hobby. So I guess being advanced or elite level doesn’t increase my mortality risk either. Right?

  8. Whey protein is especially good not because of the proportion of amino acids but especially because of the bioactive peptides. But these are fragile to agitation, so the blender is going to damage them.

  9. Benefits from cardiovascular fitness also have a cutoff point, measured by vo2 max it’s around 49-50 ml/kg/min. There’s no doubt fitness is good for longevity. But most people severely overestimate how much. There’s only so much that can be gained. A study that looked at the data from over 15k Olympic athletes concluded that they only live 2.5 years longer than the general population. Those participating in endurance sport 4.5 years longer. Which isn’t much really. Especially when you remember that general population includes people who are obese, on crack, smoke, pay zero attention to nutrition or exercise, etc.

    The most important fitness benefit is not so much extending lifespan, but extending healthspan. Being functional in old age. Smart workout program should probably focus on function. Not chasing numbers and getting trapped in ego games. Being able to manipulate 40lb with your hands, and walk around with that a mile or two will probably be much more useful than squatting 400lb or running a marathon.

  10. epic knowledge translation from the studies to practical advice… thanks for making this effort Siim!

  11. The question is whether being ultra fit (comparative to aged population in the 80s, 90s, 100s) increases longevity in those age brackets. Some centenarians had high levels of fitness throughout their life, but perhaps most did not. If exceptional fitness was the key to longevity, one would expect that we would see more centenarians with a history of being ultra fit. The next question is whether being ultra fit in those age groups is helpful, harmful or neutral to longevity. It does seem to be helpful with respect to lower age groups.

    In other words, if a centenarian would have replaced his walking and gardening with HIIT, traditional cardio, resistance training, and plyometrics starting in his 40s, would he have lived longer, shorter, or the same as he did with long duration light intensity exercise.

  12. Dear Sin, thank you for this information. I would appreciate though, if you’d just explain the full detail of those
    studies, simply when you say “xpercent less risk of mortality” also explain compared over x amount of years. Otherwise this information is hard to learn anything from other than reading those studies myself if I had the time, which I normally don’t. Hope you see what i’m saying. Thank you.

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