This 98-Year-Old Gymnast is Unbelievable – Johanna Quaas Diet and Routine

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12 responses to “This 98-Year-Old Gymnast is Unbelievable – Johanna Quaas Diet and Routine”

  1. Most people stop excersicing at some point and then it’s really hard to get back into it, that and the limiting beliefs of “I’m too old”, If you just keep going and destroy your limiting beliefs, I’m not saying you’ll live until 100 years old, but I’m sure you’ll be very strong until the end. My grandfather was like that, but unfortunately he followed the modern dietary advice of “eat mostly carbs, avoid fat, eat constantly, don’t skip meals, drink a lot of water and avoid salt at all costs” which led him to deteriorating a lot in his final years. He was also a very pessimistic person with a lot of limiting beliefs, and it got worse when my grandma died

    • The SAD diet is probably the worst nutritional advice given to the public. Not sure if something similar happened in Europe too or a version of it.

  2. I expect you to make a video about me in 40 years when I’m 93 and still doing Muay Thai

  3. She seems like 5 feet tall, maybe 45kg? There is also a cyclist called Robert Marchand, same physique as her, he did a race at age 106. Doing 90 years of exercise helps. But it’s basicly almost always the same recipe. Longevity genes will carry you there.

  4. From what I consistently see in very old people late 80s and up who still do well, they don’t drink, they eat moderate food and usually aren’t complete couch potatoes. Ironically most of them stay away from modern medicine and doctors too.

  5. A bodybuilder I know of lived to be I think 110 years old who did active calisthenics pretty nuch up until he passed. An idian bodybuilder, very cool story in fact

  6. @siimland she says ” Ich mache keine Diet und esse auch nicht zu viel Grünes und zu viel Körner ‘ . So the right translation would be I dont make any diet and also DONT eat much greens or grains!

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