Do NOT Cook with This!!!

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Is there a healthy way to enjoy deep-fried foods? Find out about the best and worst oil for deep-frying!

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0:00 Introduction: The worst oil to cook with
0:52 Seed oils
4:46 Side effects of seed oils
5:55 Healthiest oils for frying
7:33 Check out my fried chicken recipe!

In this video, we’re going to talk about the best and worst oil for deep frying.

Seed oils are polyunsaturated fatty acids. Vegetable oil is actually seed oil—it doesn’t come from vegetables.

Seed oils go through industrial processing involving heating and the addition of solvents like hexane, a chemical found in gasoline. This process allows seed oils to be shelf-stable for long periods of time. Around 25% to 30% of our calories come from seed oils.

When you cook processed foods like donuts in seed oils, you’re combining sugar with fat and heat. This process, called glycation, creates sticky proteins in the body.

Fast food oil is reheated and reused repeatedly. The more it’s heated, the more toxic it becomes.

Seed oils were not originally created for human consumption. They’re incredibly damaging to the mitochondria and lead to insulin resistance, fatty liver disease, obesity, heart disease, and an increased risk for cancer.

Soybean oil causes the most damage to the body, followed by corn oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil. Healthier cooking oils for frying include avocado oil, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, beef tallow, butter, and ghee. Keep in mind it's best to cook over low or medium heat. Pan-frying, air-frying, and stir-frying are healthier options than deep-frying over high heat.

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Dr. Berg, age 59, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you choose the best oil to cook with. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. You know… the confusion about saturated fat and cholesterol consumption is a bunch of FOOLISHNESS. I just got done reading about how cholesterol has an important role in muscle tissue repair and how it’s a critical component in building muscle mass. Then, I checked out a picture of “the guy who discovered statins,” and he doesn’t appear to have any muscle mass whatsoever! 😂 WOW! One thing I’m learning is to NEVER raise my hand to someone hiding behind a paywall! 😐 Y’all have a beautiful day! 👊

    • Yes, its a bunch of lies. There is NO feedback mechanism in the body for Cholesterol, except with zero cholesterol, you are dead in 3 days. Saturated fat in moderation is great and we NEED EFAs, ie essential fatty acids, ie Omega 3 and 6. Please go read Brian Peskin’s book that you can even get free online….The Hidden story of Cancer.

    • All credits goes to Dr Ancel Keys who propagated the bandwagon which is destroying the quality of lives

    • I see it as the same as carbs.
      A potatoe out of the garden is not harmful compared to a bag of chips of the shelf. Unprocessed fats are good processed is a no no. Or am I high?

    • ​@@jakeschmidt4320you are. No one consumes “unproscessed” (raw) potatoes, and “refined oils” does not equal “bad oils” or even “chemically treated oils”

  2. If our ancestors ( -1800 ) never cooked with it – neither should we.
    Lard, Tallow, Suet, Butter…. coconut oil and olive oil.

  3. A few years ago i gave my last bottle of canola oil to my husband for use in the garage. He now uses it to lubricate parts and quench metal as it comes out of the fire. These seed oils don’t belong in the kitchen or in our bodies, but in the garage or the garbage!!

  4. I went back full circle to the way my grandmother used to cook – I make my own lard from free range Berkshire pork belly fat or use olive oil. Best to cook at home, fast food is poison, not food

  5. After seeing your videos about the many harmful effects of cooking oil / seed oil / vegetable oil we have started using traditional ghee (clarified butter). We cook mostly Pakistani dishes at our home in Islamabad. With ghee the food is tasting better and also surprisingly easier to digest. No acid reflux or “heavy” feeling.
    Thanks a lot Dr. Eric, love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    • His only reference is to a book written by an ophthalmologist to promote his diet. He didn’t mention a single proof of any harm done by refined oils or the lack of thereof by animal fats.

    • @@Chamieiniibet What are you talking about? the good Doc has spent long years and decades in studying, research and analysis of diet and nutrition. I believe that he is very highly qualified in this area.

    • @@fzs164 Eric has studied a ton of stuff over the years, but beware that a Chiro is not a licensed/approved doctor degree where I live at least.
      However, Eric IS right on the “dont heat vegetable oils” thing, it is fairly old and hard fact knowledge.
      Ghee is nice, I have made Dhosas with it some times.
      But the video in general is pointless for me as I would never deep fry anything, but I do shallow fry fish in butter etc.

    • Thanks for sharing. I am Canadian and have run out of olive oil. Coconut oil here has increased in cost by 35%. I’ve been wondering what to use to avoid seed oils. Our butter is also at $8 per pound. I think ghee is pricey as well, but will definitely try it. I love the flavour of butter, so I’m looking forward to it. Many blessings to you in Pakistan. Jesus loves you.

  6. I remember working at McDonalds when I was a teen. Fries and nuggets were fried in Beef Tallow…. Big blocks of it were put in the deep friers. Things tasted better too

    • To McDonalds credit they switched following the advice of the time. I think it was the late 70s. Turns out the advice was wrong. I switched several years ago to butter, ghee or lard and it does taste so much nicer 🙂

    • Their fries were so much better then, I believe they had to quit using tallow, because the vegans and vegetarians raised hell when they found out the fries weren’t completely vegetarian.

  7. I have been eating clean, grass fed or wild caught proteins with organic vegetables only. EVOO or butter. And kombucha. No more alcohol – something clicked for me recently. Two meals a day for now. No longer waking up hungry. Feel so much better highly recommend.

    • @@margaretpill5987 i think I just reached a point where I want more for myself and understand now that there’s no amount of alcohol on earth that will ever be enough for me, ya know? So moving forward I am going to treat myself to a world of sobriety and enjoy every waking minute. I am complimenting that mindset with high quality foods and flavored seltzer waters which are quite delicious. I can already see my body reacting in a very positive way. Maybe give it a try. I believe in you!

    • @@mattiestanford4827 my first meal is between 12noon and 1p and the next about 5p. I don’t eat large meals but if I have let’s say a large spinach salad with Turkey bacon I’ll add avocado and hard boiled egg on top and will walk away quite full. I’m beginning to see that if I omit bread and pasta my body is not swinging to hunger quite so fast. So everyday that first meal gets later and later and my second meal becomes less needed. That’s my experience so far.

  8. It’s amazing that the things “they” told us were bad, were actually good. Great content.

    • How else do you make your industry (medical) bigger except by creating more patients (sick people)?

    • Remember the serpent in the Garden. The first lie was, “This food won’t kill you.” He’s still telling that same lie and now he has government backing. Thanks Obama…

    • It’s not so amazing once you realize who is in charge. The powers that shouldn’t be are actually insane.

    • My mom never believed their mendacities: margarine is better than butter, eggs should be limited….

    • ​@@littlelamb6804Are they insane or are they evil? Evil is cunning and lies and tries to hide its deception. Insanity is not able to do those things.

  9. We have been so lied to over the passed 30-40 yrs…glad the truth is finally showing itself about what these companies are doing to our nation

    • It’s time to remove corporations protections. The CEO and people making the decisions should be sued personally and prosecuted for lying and damage.

    • Especially when it comes to so called “fossil fuels” and “The Green House effect” all lies.

  10. A note about olive oil. Most commercially available olive oils aren’t pure. They are often cut with cheaper seed oils to save on costs.

    • @@ellie2434 yes in Europe, Iook at the label. Most supermarket olive oil contains only 40% olives, and the rest made up with crap oils. I checked this yesterday after I purchased olive oil from Aldi at nearly £7.. we are being ripped off

    • Italy produces about 5X the olive oil that their trees can produce. Mafia got very rich selling boatloads of fake olive oil until testing improved. But still going strong.

    • @@leeparkin5503 Labels are worthless, you need to go to the farm. In california that is BARI or several others with strict certification.

  11. No wonder seed oils are widely popular, cheap and available to deep fry ultra processed/junk foods providing more customers for big pharma 👌

  12. I wish there would be class-action lawsuits against the USDA, FDA, American Heart Association, and anyone still promoting health-destroying seed oils and demonizing healthy fats.

  13. Whole heartedly believe this to be 100 percent accurate. My body immediately becomes inflamed after consuming food cooked in these oils

    • DrBerg recommends Red or i call it purple cabbage juice . I do smoothies and fine chopped salad . Best for me reduce pain in a few hours . Personally never cooked in any oil .

  14. Wayback 2016 when i started doing groceries i also started buying Canola thinking that coconut oil is bad, i started having liver and gallbladder pain until 2022 i went back to coconut oil which is same price as canola in our country, slowly im having lesser pain together with some supplements i researched,, gotta thank this channel for some of the ideas i got to heal my gut

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