How Fasting Helped Me Lose 100lbs! Tips and Tricks to Lose Fat Fast

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38 responses to “How Fasting Helped Me Lose 100lbs! Tips and Tricks to Lose Fat Fast”

  1. I recently also found out about something called mitophagy. Basically when you fast your mitochondria get replenished so they can help your metabolism even better!

    • That’s what I do. Black coffee in the am and then ice cold water until 2 pm…then a snack of high protein like cottage cheese and then supper at 6:30 or 7:00, finish by 8 and no food until 2 pm the next day. Feel amazing.

  2. Dr. Mindy Pelz has great videos on fasting. She also wrote “Fast Like a Girl”. Excellent book!

    • Yes, Mindy is so knowledgeable about fasting…she taught me what I know. Well, her and a few others.😊

    • @@dora9368 She is very good! I also watch Dr. Berg’s videos and also tune into his live videos every Friday morning at 9am MST. He is so informative.

  3. Thanks sis now, I am just like you, maintaning my weight, even thought my diet is way different to say the least haha ❤

  4. I’ve been fasting, loosing some weight and feel pretty good, I also stopped drinking regular coffee and now I currently just drinking decaf which I believe is helping also. I used to get a lot of headaches but I haven’t for a while.

  5. *Fasting is great, and really good for weight loss. Your statement about protein snacks not rising glucose and insulin is wrong. Yes, it will not really raise glucose as much at all as carbs at all, but it WILL raise insulin* 💪👍

    • Probably someone with common sense, even hard boiled eggs have a carb or two, so they break a fast and will cause an insulin rise although it will be much smaller than if you eat carbs.

  6. I do intermittent fasting daily. At least 16/8. Sometimes 18/6 or longer. I do longer fasting occasionally. The average person needs 4,700 mg of potassium and 2,300 mg of sodium daily. We need twice as much potassium than sodium. I take Dr. Berg’s electrolyte powder in water daily. Each scoop contains 1,000 mg of potassium , 120 mg of magnesium, 100 mg of sodium and a Trace mineral complex. I take a little extra sea salt in food or add to my water to get a good balance. Drinking this helps me so much. Especially during longer fasting.

    • Dr. Berg is another great person to learn fasting from too❤. Not to say Mayra isn’t helping us out… she’s doing great

    • I read that Dr Berg gives large amounts of money to the church of Scientology. Does anyone know if this is true? I follow Dr Jason Fung, he doesn’t seem to be pushing a lot of products to make money off us.

    • @@dora9368 I agree. And his electrolyte powder has 1,000 mg of potassium. All of the others have 200 mg or around that amount. Knowing that we need twice as much potassium than magnesium, I don’t understand why every other electrolyte powder I have seen is so low in potassium. I Love Dr. Bergs products. ❤️

  7. I’m 67. I do 18/6. Don’t take any medicines, vacuum a 3000 square foot house from top to bottom every day, cut my grass every 3 days on a half acre lot (not on a riding mower). In winter, I hand shovel, I sit in the cold in winter for 2 hours a day and I run, rain or shine, snow, whatever for 5 to 10 km 6 days a week. Biggest change for me was going keto and then the fasting. No blood pressure issues, cholesterol is perfect, I plan on living to 111…not 110…I don’t like even numbers….

  8. I’m trying to start fasting more with starting to eat breakfast close to 10 and then stopping to eat by 8, my biggest problem is when I can’t sleep , waking up in the middle of the night hungry I guess I should drink a bottle of water and I’m trying. Also I am 48 and growing up we always heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day after you wake up eating a very good and big breakfast so it’s hard to change that mentality I guess

    • I struggled in the first week but it’s very important to track your macros. Ensure you are eating protein and healthy fats daily. Have half an avocado, nuts (good fats) then chicken, fish etc for your protein. If you’ve had a lot of protein and hardly any fat you’ll be sooo hungry. And if you’re doing that already then lots of water and the rest is about your body simply being used to it. Track your food on my fitness Pal app

  9. Oh my goodness lol I’ve been fasting for decades. Don’t eat until afternoon, last meal in between 6 to 7pm. Didn’t help any of my gut issues lol I am 60 and just dealing with it. Thank u, Mayra… you are great and love your channel and the recipes are D-LISH!❤

  10. I fast from 5 pm to 9 am and it’s been a great thing for me. It is easy to keep up. Very sustainable for me 🥰

  11. I do have to say you are beautiful. I’ve been feeling much better since giving up carbs and added sugar. I’ve been having so much energy. I eat meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. People tell me fruits are carbs. Yes they have carbs, but it’s not the same thing as eating pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, cereal, crackers.

  12. I have started intermittent fasting 12 hours. I have stop drinking coffee since last year. It has helped me stop late night snacking and I make sure I eat some good protein.

  13. I’ve stopped eating sugar 12 weeks ago, no carbs, no fruit, 1200 calories per day. I’m not losing weight…..

  14. I had to go back to 16/8… because fasting was raising the cortisol in my system. I was 19/5. My blood glucose went up so fast… I realized I had to go back to 16.

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